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Fai pubblicità in Convivium

Why choose Convivium?

Because through the Guide you will reach a well-targeted, qualified and highly interesting target audience.
Every day, 3200 pages of Convivium * are viewed by people of medium-high extraction who are passionate about cooking and good drinking, with high spending possibilities.
Convivium also stands out for its privileged relationship with the "Workers", many of whom are Michelin-starred Chefs.
Communicating in Convivium is a fruitful and intelligent investment: accesses to Convivium are made up of competent enthusiasts, not distracted clicks.
With a low and calibrated cost per contact you will send your message to those who are most interested, instead of shooting randomly in the pile.
With us you can target advertising and access marketing based on the most powerful word of mouth: the advice of friends.
Increase your customers thanks to Convivium!

The Banner Modules:
a Banner "seen", most of the time, has already produced a result:
such as road signs and TV advertising, which are effective even without clicks!
Here is an example:

Moduli Pub Convivium
  • The rectangular modules on the side of the page or incorporated in the Reportages
    (they can contain Banners or Videos)

    They are published in the Reportage Category or in the individual Reportages chosen by the customer at his discretion.
    The dimensions of 300x250px are also the most suitable for Smartphones, never invasive but always clearly visible.
Start today at a cost of 1 Euro per day **, contact us now: [email protected]

Specially designed for Restaurants: events, theme nights, menus, offers, recipes...
Temptations... Freshly baked!

A qualified space, well highlighted both in the main menu and next to the reportage of your restaurant, which combines the impact of a Newsletter with the strength and dissemination of a prestigious Guide!
To make your menus and all your initiatives widely known.


In Gastrotentazioni you can highlight any initiative (offers, special menus, theme nights) or simply make yourself known by inserting photos, complete menus in PDF, promotions ... even your entire website, without space limits!
All this starting from 50 euro cents per day, all inclusive! (starting plan)
Take advantage of the synergies and opportunities that derive from the presence of your restaurant in the Convivium!
We propose you to design a Convivium Special Menu, to be reserved for our readers.

  • it could be a special menu, richer or at a promotional price
  • or the classic tasting menu offered with a special discount
  • or a tasting menu accompanied by a selection of wines by the glass at an attractive price
We offer you to publish it at no additional cost both in Gastrotentazioni and at the beginning of the Reportage on your Restaurant.
The money spent on well-targeted and visible advertising is always well spent!

Introducing the Excellence Activities, editorials on Restaurants, Hotels, businesses and activities.

An article or PDF document complete with pictures to present worthily and in detail your business, your restaurant, your shop products...

The Wine Videos

The Wine Videos represent a new and targeted way to advertise.
This section collects YouTube-style videos in which excellent wines are illustrated in tasting by the Sommelier, or Cellar Master or Oenologist or by the owner of the company himself. It is a collection of commercials, but by doing so you will also create a real video library of the products, which are indexed in Google and can also be seen directly from YouTube, as well as of course in Convivium. wine videos. i video del vino
Our videos are indexed on average in Google - on the first page - after 2 hours from publication!
The Videos - suggestively set in the cellar or in the tasting room - show the wine poured into the glass and swirled, smelled and tasted, with the spoken commentary to illustrate its quality, color, aroma and organoleptic characteristics.
We take care of everything: production, direction (with script optimized for video), post-production and publication.
The Videos remain published without expiry.
The title and the keywords assigned to each Video allow it to be indexed in Google and in all search engines: enthusiasts who do related searches will find the Video among the very first results.
A young, innovative and high-impact idea.

VIP space on the award scrolls

To a single selected sponsor, Convivium offers a discreet and elegant space, of great prestige, on its Award Scrolls, which are assigned to realities of absolute excellence in Italian and international catering and hôtellerie.

premio all'eccellenza

In the photo, the awarding parchment to Giorgio Servetto, chef of the Nove restaurant in Alassio (SV)

How to advertise in Convivium?

We are organized to make your life very simple.
If you need the detailed price list, we will send it to you by email.

If your choice is the banner, all you have to do is send us via email, to our address [email protected] your logo, or your slogan, or your banner, with the address of your site for the link and with the preference for the publication formula that you like the most.
We will take care of everything else, sending you the details of your shopping before proceeding with the publication.
The payment can be arranged by you using a bank transfer or PayPal.

As soon as the payment is completed, your advertising will be put online and you will receive the receipted invoice, under the VAT exemption regime.
We reserve the right to refuse advertisements that are not in harmony with our ethics, at our sole discretion.

If our proposals intrigue you, contact us by email -[email protected]- for detailed information and the price list or to arrange a business appointment.

* source: Google Analytics
** trial offer for the first 2 months