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Convivium, photographic reports of the excellence

A carefully thought out selection of addresses...
In Convivium, one is not present except for merit...

In advance for you ...
Convivium Reportage since 1999 is a state-of-the-art guide to tables of excellence, an authoritative review of the best kitchens, very often starred, always gourmet.
We want to stand out for the quality, usability and completeness of the information: we tell through images, in advance for you, all the excellent kitchens that we believe deserve consideration, not just the award-winning ones.

Not only Stars, off to the images
Our goal is to highlight excellent kitchens with research that goes beyond the high-sounding names on everyone's lips (effective but limited approach), reserving equal treatment and visibility both to the most prestigious and expensive places and to the simpler ones. and economic - restaurants, taverns, inns and pizzerias - as long as they are gastronomically interesting.
Less text and more images, which provide complete and objective information.

A Guide, not a Food-Blog!
We are professionals with decades of serious and scrupulous activity, not bloggers and not even social influencers, even if our followers are many.
Blog is a web diary written by enthusiasts, not necessarily a reliable source. The figure of the Social Influencer directs his following towards those who sponsor him. Convivium is the guide: it publishes objective and verifiable information and documents in images, with the aim of giving readers everything they need to form their own personal opinion.

Why don't we give votes?
Because we prefer to inform rather than judge, and because we have respect for all restaurateurs, who carry out a tough job, with often impossible hours.
Convivium does not publish slating: those who do not deserve are not there. Who is there, it is because we like it. Those who are absent may not be there for many reasons, perhaps because we still have to visit them.

Convivium, Full Responsive Gastronomic Guide
Full Responsive means that the texts, photos and navigation menu automatically adapt to the medium on which they are displayed. Whether you are using a large screen PC, a Tablet or a Smartphone, whether you are using Windows, Mac, Linux or Android, you will always enjoy the best possible navigation, and the images will automatically adapt to your support. To make Convivium full responsive and mobile optimized we used Bootstrap4 technology, the powerful Twitter front-end framework.

Top quality... Free!
We chose the web, we are not on paper.
Consulting Convivium costs nothing, respects the environment and provides information in a rich, comprehensive and complete way!
Convivium is safe: look at the green padlock in the address bar!
Your navigation in Convivium is encrypted and protected by a digital certificate, so no one, from the outside, will be able to intercept your sensitive data.

Why is My Convivium App not downloadable from the two Official App Stores?
This is for a principle of savings, independence and sustainability.
Convivium does not like the impositions of monopolies and strong powers.
This is not to say that it is no longer safe! Install it in no time by following the simple instructions!

No new annual edition!
Convivium reports are updated on the web, you don't have to buy anything!
We constantly monitor our services to determine if they need additions or renovations.

Presence in Convivium
We choose the places to be included in the Convivium, after having visited them or made them visit anonymously.
Our sources are safe, reliable and proven.
When we create a Reportage, anonymity can no longer exist, since we ask for collaboration and access to the kitchen.
The presence of a local in Convivium is definitely worth a recommendation.
Absence, on the other hand, is not necessarily rejection, because it can derive from other causes.

Let's observe a guideline!
The Reportages follow a strict lineup.
Each room is illustrated through a rich gallery of photographs of the exteriors and interiors, of the mise en place, of the kitchen and of the cellar.
We report in full the food cards with prices.
When we are allowed, we go into the kitchen to make live videos of preparations and dishes.
The description of a typical meal takes place through a gallery of images of all the dishes that are served to us, photographed both in the presentation as a whole and in detail.
We publish the links to the producers of what we tasted (wines, oils, vinegars, pastas and cheeses).
Finally, we usually close with souvenir photos together with the Chef and the staff, to show you the faces of the people who will welcome you.

We value and reward...
Since 1999 Convivium has passionately pursued the enhancement of good food.
This is why we have created the Convivium Excellence Award, which we assign to the most representative realities for the quality of the cuisine and hospitality.
This is why we point out the Convivium's Heart Restaurants with a small heart-shaped logo.

A story of 4 decades
Convivium was born in 1999 as a collection of gastronomic reviews, written by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.
We visited well-known restaurants and taverns, inns and wineries in absolute anonymity to publish the reports in the form of an online guide.
In 2007 we launched the new format consisting largely of images, which was followed by the adoption of a more sophisticated editorial format, equipped with maximum interactivity and all the most advanced technologies to make it easy and enjoyable to consult the Guide.

Convivium, Guide of the future
We believe that the future of the Guides is in the format that sets us apart.
We work hard so that Convivium can be considered the gastronomic guide of reference.